Open source customer success system

UUChat is an open source, hackable platform for building and running a modern online customer success system.

Customer Success Console

Real-time chat

Receive real-time online customer messages. UUchat makes it easy to talk to people who are browsing your website or app, so you can answer questions in real-time.

UUchat have one-to-many communication, and you can turn off a chat client, you can also invite customers to rate on the chat.

Customer Chat

Support multiple platforms, simple and convenient access

Client chat show

UUChat will appear as a small bottom pop-up on your computer's browser. Convenient and customer success exchange.

Customer can send:

If customer success not online, customer also can send offline message. when customer success online, they can connect to customers.

System Management

Graphical table, intuitive, easy to understand session details

uuchat data management overview

Daily、monthly data reports display;

Customer success accounts management;

Connected customers and conversations display;

Rate data reports and details;

System-level shortcuts management;

Feedbacks display and settings.


Own your code, control your data, determine your functionality

Free, open, simple

UUChat is an entirely open source application which developing with node.js, react.js, express.js ...

It uses a modern technology stack with sensible components and abstractions. We release code which developers love; The JavaScript beginner can easy to build and run our system.

Online support

When you has any question on develop, you can connect us with our website, e will help you solve the problem hand by hand.