Open source customer success system

About us

UUChat is an open source customer success system. We are now in its infancy. We are committed to developing an open source, easy-to-use and efficient online real-time communication customer success system. Open source, efficient, easy to use is our aim.

Our uuchat service is already running. Welcome to experience and come up with your valuable advice.

We believe that customer success system has always been a company, organization or individual needs. uuchat hopes to change existing communication methods to make communication more smooth and natural.

UUChat main profiles

Open Source
Live Chat
Multiple Operating Systems
Multiple Storage Support

Our Beliefs

We believe in open source technology

Technology-driven and software-defined, we release the power of continuous innovation for every dream of more effective code.

Developers matter

Full stack, the ultimate experience, we let development and operation and maintenance seamless, high-speed iteration, continuous innovation.

Tools should be beautiful

UUChat is tools for communication, she is beautiful.